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Visiting the doctor when you are sick can help to speed up your recovery while ensuring you are not dealing with anything more severe than a common bug. Your doctor is here to help keep you healthy, and illness care is an integral part of that. Sick visits are when you go to the doctor because you are feeling unwell or sick rather than for routine healthcare.

Sick visits can be scheduled at Janey L Hammons NP-C in Seiling and the surrounding area. Everyone gets sick from time to time. Sometimes it can help to see a doctor rather than waiting for symptoms to improve.

If you are feeling unwell and think you may need a doctor's help, do not hesitate to schedule a visit. Our practitioners are always happy to help treat you. Call (580) 922-4406 to make an appointment and learn more.

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Signs That You Need a Sick Visit

People get sick periodically, and most of the time, the problem is not serious. While some illnesses do not require a sick visit and will go away with rest and home care, other conditions will not get better without professional treatment. According to Houston Methodist, these are a few of the signs that a sick visit may be necessary:

  • Persistent or High Fever: A fever is a method the body uses to fight infection. However, if patients experience a fever of 104 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, they need a sick visit. Similarly, if a lower-grade fever lasts for more than three days, it is time to schedule an appointment.
  • Unexplained Weight Loss: A little weight loss is not uncommon during illness due to reduced appetite. However, significant, unexplained weight loss can be a concern. If the patient loses more than 10% of their body weight, make an appointment with a doctor.
  • Trouble Breathing: If experiencing respiratory distress, it is time to see a doctor or potentially make an emergency visit. Shortness of breath may result from exercise, weight issues, high altitude, or high temperatures. However, any unexplained shortness of breath is an area of concern.
  • Severe Chest, Abdominal or Pelvic Pain: Severe pain, especially in the chest, abdomen, or pelvis, may indicate a significant health concern. While there are plenty of non-serious issues why this may happen, it could result from problems such as a heart attack. Schedule a visit to ensure it is not serious.
  • Unusually Bad Cold or Flu Symptoms: A common cold is not typically a cause for a sick visit. However, one that becomes exceptionally bad or lasts a very long time could require medical attention. Additionally, cold or flu symptoms mixed with other problems such as shortness of breath or chest pain indicate that the problem may be more severe.

Other reasons it may be time to schedule a sick visit include significant confusion, a concussion, significant stool or urine changes, or unexpected side effects from treatment. Keep in mind that these guidelines are not exhaustive. Patients should listen to their intuition. If your instincts say that a sick visit is necessary, it probably is.

When You May Be Able To Wait To See the Doctor

There are some circumstances when it is okay to skip a sick visit. For example, as mentioned above, a fever below 104 degrees Fahrenheit typically does not require an appointment unless it lasts for three or more days. A cold or flu also may not require a visit unless they continue for an extended time or are very severe. If a minor illness lasts more than two weeks, schedule a sick visit.

Digestive distress may necessitate a trip to the doctor. Still, temporary diarrhea or constipation may not be an issue provided that it lasts no more than a few days. As a general rule, minor symptoms may not need a trip to the doctor, but if they are persistent or severe, it is time to schedule an appointment. With any severe symptoms, call 911. Do not wait to address severe pain, respiratory distress, or other symptoms.

Benefits of Scheduling a Timely Sick Visit

While preventative healthcare is preferable, sick visits are necessary sometimes. Janey L Hammons NP-C recommends that patients schedule them whenever they experience the symptoms listed above or otherwise suspect that they may need medical attention. These are some of the benefits of sick visits:

  • Catching Significant Health Issues: The main benefit of making a sick visit is that the doctor can identify if there is a significant issue. Most illnesses are minor and will improve with basic treatment. However, it is recommended not to risk waiting for persistent or significant symptoms.
  • Help From a Familiar Doctor: According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, one of the benefits of a sick visit to a doctor regularly is the established relationship. Familiar doctors can provide more effective care. Sick visits also help them develop a better understanding of the patient’s health.
  • Faster Recovery: Many illnesses that may necessitate a visit to the doctor are relatively minor. They may even get better on their own with sufficient rest and self-care. Nonetheless, a doctor can provide treatment that can lead to faster recovery.

Common Illnesses That May Require a Visit

A minor upper respiratory infection or flu likely does not require a visit to the doctor. Serious illnesses, of course, require medical attention. A few common but minor illnesses that may require a sick visit can include:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • Pneumonia
  • Sinus infections
  • Persistent or severe upper respiratory infection
  • Ear infection
  • Digestive distress
  • Other infections

The Importance of Prompt Treatment

Most illnesses that may require a sick visit are relatively minor. However, prompt treatment is essential nonetheless because untreated illnesses, even minor ones, can become severe without proper attention. For any illness that seems to be lasting unusually long, especially without improvement, schedule a sick visit.

The same is true for symptoms that may be caused by a serious illness. While this is far less common than a minor infection, patients are sometimes sick with a significant problem, such as cancer. Seeing a doctor to address an unusual or persistent symptom can allow the doctor to catch the signs of the illness early. This can mean a significantly improved prognosis.

Many people have conflicting priorities that may make them want to skip a sick visit. For example, going to the doctor requires time off work in many cases. However, it is important to prioritize health. Ignoring a problem may result in it getting worse. Ignoring the issue is not only dangerous but also can require even more sacrifice to treat - handling health issues as soon as possible pays off. A doctor can also print a note for school or work to explain any absences.

Learn More About Sick Visits

Sick visits to the doctor can help you recover from an illness and make sure you are on the way back to ideal health. If your gut is telling you to see a doctor or you experience the symptoms described here, do not wait to make an appointment. Call (580) 922-4406 to make an appointment at Janey L Hammons NP-C.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sick Visits

Do I need to schedule a sick visit or call 911?

According to the Mayo Clinic, after experiencing trauma, chest pain, trouble breathing, or other severe pain, call 911. It is much better to have an unnecessary emergency visit than to ignore a major problem. For most other issues, urgent care or a sick visit is fine. Like sick visits, patients should trust their intuition about whether an emergency visit is needed.

There are no appointments available. What can I do?

Our practitioners work hard to accommodate all patients for sick visits. If there are no appointment times available, ask our staff what your options are. You may be able to speak with a practitioner over the phone.

What questions should I ask during my sick visit?

The doctor will try to treat the patient as effectively as possible with the information at hand. However, patients know what they are feeling. Ask about any symptoms and bring up anything that may be cause for concern. Being open and communicative with the doctor can significantly improve care quality.

I am having trouble swallowing, should I schedule a sick visit?

According to WebMD, difficulty swallowing may be the result of a sore throat. However, any significant difficulty or pain is a signal that it is time to see a doctor. This may be a sign of an injury or infection in the throat.

What should I expect during sick visits?

The doctor will ask about symptoms and the reasons for the visit. They will also take vital signs and possibly perform tests such as blood work. Following that, we will also examine the affected areas of the body. The doctor will then provide guidance and follow-up steps based on the diagnosis.

I am unsure whether I need a sick visit, what should I do?

If you are uncertain about whether a sick visit is necessary, call our staff. We can provide guidance on whether a sick visit is likely necessary or not. When in doubt, it is better to have an appointment than to miss something.

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